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Our mission is to promote aviation, enhance safety and support initiatives that benefit pilots
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Weather for Pilots

NOAA'S National Weather Service - Aviation Weather Center | METARS | TAFs | RADAR | SATELLITE

DUAT - DUAT is the FAA's Direct User Access Terminal (DUAT) service for pilots.

Government Agencies

Alabama Aeronautics Bureau - Office inside the Alabama Department of Transportation

Alaska Aviation and Airports - Office inside the Alaska Department of Transportation

Arizona Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Arizona Department of Transportation

Arkansas Department of Aeronautics - Office inside the Arkansas Department of Transportation

California Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the California Department of Transportation

Colorado Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Colorado Department of Transportation

Connecticut Bureau of Aviation and Ports - Office inside the Connecticut Department of Transportation

Delaware Aviation - Office inside the Delaware Department of Transportation

Florida Aviation Office - Inside the Florida Department of Transportation

Georgia Aviation Programs - Office inside the Georgia Department of Transportation

Hawaii Airports Division - Office inside the Hawaii Department of Transportation

Idaho Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the Idaho Department of Transportation

Illinois Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the Illinois Department of Transportation

Indiana Aviation - Office inside the Indiana Department of Transportation

Iowa Office of Aviation - Inside the Iowa Department of Transportation

Kansas Division of Aviation - Office inside the Kansas Department of Transportation

Kentucky Department of Aviation - Office inside the Kentucky Department of Transportation

Louisiana Aviation Section - Office inside the Louisiana Department of Transportation

Maine Airports and Aviation - Office inside the Maine Department of Transportation

Maryland Aviation Administration - Office inside the Maryland Department of Transportation

Massachusetts Plane Section - Office inside the Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Michigan Bureau of Aeronautics - Office inside the Michigan Department of Transportation

Minnesota Department of Aeronautics - Office inside the Minnesota Department of Transportation

Mississippi DOT - The Mississippi Department of Transportation

Missouri Aviation - Office inside the Missouri Department of Transportation

Montana Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Montana Department of Transportation

Nebraska Department of Aeronautics - Office inside the Nebraska Department of Transportation

Nevada Aviation Planning Section - Office inside the Nevada Department of Transportation

New Hampshire Site Map/Air - Office inside the New Hampshire Department of Transportation

New Jersey Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the New Jersey Department of Transportation

New Mexico Aviation Division - Office inside the New Mexico Department of Transportation

New York Aviation - Office inside the New York Department of Transportation

North Carolina Division of Aviation - Office inside the North Carolina Department of Transportation

North Dakota DOT - The North Dakota Department of Transportation

Ohio Office of Aviation - Office inside the Ohio Department of Transportation

Oklahoma DOT - The Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Oregon Department of Aviation - Office inside the Oregon Department of Transportation

Pennsylvania Bureau of Aviation - Office inside the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Rhode Island DOT - The Rhode Island Department of Transportation

South Carolina Department of Aeronautics - Office inside the South Carolina Department of Transportation

South Dakota Office of Aeronautics - Inside the South Dakota Department of Transportation

Tennessee Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Tennessee Department of Transportation

Texas Aviation and Airports - Office inside the Texas Department of Transportation

Utah Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the Utah Department of Transportation

Vermont Aviation Program - Office inside the Vermont Department of Transportation

Virginia Airports - Office inside the Virginia Department of Transportation

Washington Aviation - Office inside the Washington Department of Transportation

West Virginia Airports - Office inside the West Virginia Department of Transportation

Wisconsin General Aviation - Office inside the Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Wyoming Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Wyoming Department of Transportation

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Aviation Links

"The History of Flight and the People Who Made it Possible" Click Here!

Aviation Schools - Aviation schools directory, free to users, an excellent resource for those who want to become pilots.

Best Aviation Sites - Check out this list of best aviation related websites!

Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb - Military aviation photography using both film and digital formats from the early eighties to the present day.

Chicken Wings Cartoons - From the creative minds of Michael and Stefan Strasser, we have plenty of aviation comics to keep us laughing.

Thirty Thousand Feet - An aviation directory packed with interesting stuff, including links to other aviation web pages, news and much more.

Aviation History - Everything that you need to know about the history of aeronautics.

Aeroplanner.com - Very useful.

GlobalAir.com - Daily Listings of aircraft for sale including new and used airplanes for sale, jets for sale by owner and aviation information.

PilotShop.com - A place to buy pilot products.

Aircraft Owner Magazine - Magazine for pilots.

Aviation History - A great source for aviation history as well as other interesting categories.

WASP - WWII - Women Airforce Service Pilots.

Wings of Eagles Discover Center - Learn about this fantastic NASA museum.

Angel Flight -
Angel Flight was created by a group of pilots who believe in the benefit of volunteering. We are a non-profit charitable organization of pilots, volunteers, and friends. We will arrange free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need.
StudentPilot.com - Discover information about various things going on in the aviation community.

Aviation Calculators - Assistance with your flights.

Aviation Humor - Get a real kick out of some of these hilarious jokes, stories and comics.

- The ultimate F-16 reference.

MAF.org - Mission Aviation Fellowship -
MAF is a faith-based, non-profit ministry. Teams of aviation, communications and technology specialists overcome barriers, transform lives, and enable the work of more than 600 organizations around the world. The inspiration for the movie "End of The Spear"

Windtee.com® Aviation T-Shirt Art! designs and prints aviation related graphics for pilots and enthusiasts worldwide.


Association Angel Flight Europe . We are a volunteer association and we are trying to spread the word about our operation so to be able to help as many people as possible.

Aviation Real Estate

AVIATION VIDEOS - "Some of these make you feel your landings aren't as bad as you thought!"

- Claims to be "The worlds largest source of aviation videos!"
Funny Plane Landing Video - An amusing two minutes of a plane landing on a car on the highway.
Bad Water Landing - Yikes. This guy landing on a beach (unintentionally) didn't sit too well with the locals.

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Aviation information links
Aviation information links

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Aviation information links